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  • An open-mind for the unexpected is a must
    By being open-minded, willing to try new things and having a clear and open communication I improve myself. That’s how I come to the best results for an unusual design and that’s how the best concepts are created. With an open mind for the unknown I push my boundaries and I do not shy away from any challenge.

    Concepts have to ripen
    I love to trigger. From time to time I even push the limits because a comfort zone needs to be expanded. That is why I let my concepts grow into a well-considered design before being unfolded. That’s how I achieve a unique result, design with content. Usually they are executed in a somewhat playful and humorous way.

    A big hunger for more
    I have a hands-on mentality that’s why I always eager to take action. Not easily put off and taking the bull by the horns I get things done. Believing that everything can be improved, that everything is possible and that there is a solution to every problem, I use my creativity to find the best results for any project.

    Efficiency creates time
    Everyone is looking for time, which is why I like to work in the most efficient and strong way possible. I don’t like bad and unorganized work. Listening and analyzation is key, that’s the only way a good and pleasant collaboration can be guaranteed.

    I want you to be happy
    I will ask you many questions. Because I think it's important to create clarity so that you can be completely satisfied with the result at the end of the project.
  • What I do
  • From small to large projects. From interior to graphic design. I approach them all as an exciting challenge. For me, every project must be unique and personal with a clear identity, and I attach great importance to that. Concept and personality make it a strong design. I offer powerful custom-made designs following your desires and needs. I’ll be happy to guide you through the entire process, so you know exactly what awaits you.

    - Interior: residential, retail, hospitality, office, event, total renovations, ...
    - Graphic: logo, branding, corporate identity, ...
    - Furniture: design of furniture and custom objects

    Get in touch
    Do you want to talk about your project? Do you want to collaborate? Do you need advice? Or do you simply have a question?
    Then be sure to contact me by I will get back to you shortly.
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